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Our Mission


Our goal is to ignite the passion of our learners to the world of math, vocabulary, and all its possibilities. As a former high school and college math teacher, I have seen bright, capable students, tune out of math because they didn’t find it relevant to their lives. I’ve also worked with children who had so much potential, but because of their fear and anxiety, associated math with all things negative. Math All Around was created with all of these children in mind.

Why Math All Around?

  • Designed to engage students first, with visual, fun, contextual topics and content.
  • Tested and loved by many of our teachers, parents, and children
  • Over 30 years in developing award-winning products
  • Founded and created by a math educator

Phyllis Hillwig, EdD

CEO and Founder

Math All Around and Eurekii

Our Story

Once upon a time, a popular after school club had kids running in to experience the fun and relevance of math every week. They learned about a real-world topic and completed a fun activity! [PS – Can you guess the topic?]


The Challenge

Suddenly, a pandemic struck and kids could no longer experience this fun after school. At first we went virtual.

But then, there was too much virtual. “Can you put what we used to do in a box?” Can it be engaging? Can we move around, create, and design stuff that was part of the fun activity?



We heard our students and teachers and spent months perfecting and and refining the product. We tested it with many of our friends and family to make sure you’d love it.

And now, we are ready! We can’t wait for you to try it. After all, Math All Around brings a fresh look on one of the most powerful subjects in the world. Listen to the kids who experienced it live.


Hear what our students think!

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Make Math Fun, Relevant, And Challenging For Your Students!